Friday, May 13, 2016

Senior Year Wrap Up

A few days ago, I posted a 'college wrap up' of my first three years of college. Today, I'm posting a senior year wrap up. I hope you enjoy looking at my year as much as I loved living it!
Senior walk on the first day of classes
with Megan and Rosalyn.
Allie and I interviewing X Ambassadors
before their concert.
Fireworks over the seminary after the
X Ambassadors concert.
Outdoor senior piano bar with Gina
and Rosalyn
Gianna and I in Philly to see Pope
Rosalyn and I on the Friday of Halloweekend as Boo and a Cannibal
Allie and I (as Damian from Mean Girls)
on Halloween
Jessie, Gina, and I before the Homecoming Dance!
Steph sent me tulips for Valentine's
I was an extra in a random Bollywood
movie that filmed on campus.
Rosalyn, Molly, and I saw Something Rotten on Broadway
Steph came to visit!!!!

after a beautiful day volunteering!

I won Mount Moment!
Tea and I at Senior Fun Day
Emily, Molly, and I at Senior Fun Day
Gina and I before Senior Piano Bar
Class Clash!
Glowrage with Gina and Jessie!
Last Bible study
Senior Send Off with Rosalyn - matching!
Gaby and I on the last day of classes.
Andrea and I at the FOCUS end of the year Hoedown.
Gina and I hiked to Indian Lookout!

finals week caused me to do some
strange things.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Wrapping it up.

In less than a week, I will officially be an alumna of Mount St. Mary's University.


How did four years go so fast? How does it feel like I missed most of it? How am I old enough to be a college graduate (basically)? How?

It's all bittersweet, but when I look back at the last three years, I can see the growth and transformation in myself. This next week is going to be very emotional and nostalgic, and so I'd like to make you feel my sadness ('cause I'm the worst.)

my desk in my freshman dorm

taking pictures with my Sociology text-
book in the library. Freshmen tho.
Molly & Emily decorating our dorm for Christmas

My roommates and I went all out in decorating our
door for Christmas. 
Our Fresham RA did St. Nicholas day for us :)
Molly, Emily, and I all dolled up for the Christmas dance.
For our last day in Florida for SEEK 2013, we went to
Magic Kingdom :)

We all gathered in the lounge to watch Justin
Timberlake's return to SNL!
Rosalyn and I went to the NBC Store during a
school-sponsored trip to New York. We face-
swapped with Liz Lemon and Jack Doneghy
from "30 Rock". Legendary.
Emily, Molly & I at the FOCUS St. Patrick's Day Party.
Our first GlowCrazy!

My family sent me flowers for my 20th birthday,
which was also the day classes began.
on St. Therese's feast day, Campus
Ministry hands out roses around campus.
Halloween 2013 with my friend Gianna.
Christmas Dance with Gianna.
Night sledding before the end of the fall semester
For our second New York trip, Rosalyn and I saw
"The Bridges of Madison County" on Broadway!
Second GlowCrazy!

Junior Ring Dance with my roommates
from Freshman year. 
The entire group of retreatants and leaders for Kairos. Love them
all to infinity and beyond.
The Kairos XXXVIII leaders

I was sad for some reason, and Tea demanded I smile and take a
picture with her. So grateful for her friendship.
March for Life 2015.

My friend Mike and I on Junior Retreat.

Stephanie's Baptism!

Class Clash
Steph and I went to High Rock before she graduated.
FOCUS hosts an "End of the Year
Hoedown" every year
My best friend Steph and I a few days before she graduated.
The day before graduation, Tea, Steph, and I all went to Big Slide
for the first time.

The night before Steph graduated, we all hung
out in her room and it was just a great night.

These are snapshots of my journey of my first three years of college. I couldn't be more grateful for the years I've spent at the Mount, the memories and friends I've made, and the love, faith, and hope I've found.

I'll be doing a separate wrap up of senior year at the end of the week ... stay tuned!!!